Authorize payment request. In case of One-Step Authorize, customer and order objects must be filled in addition to payment info. In case of Two-Step Authorize, only the checkoutId field must be filled.

payment Payment - required
Default payment method
additionalData AdditionalData - optional
Additional data
checkoutId Uuid - optional
Unique identifier of checkout process in UUID format. Required only in the Two-Step Authorize use-case.
customer CheckoutCustomer - optional
CheckoutCustomer object
deliveryCustomer CheckoutCustomer - optional
To be used if the receiver of the order differs from the billing customer
einvoiceInformation EinvoiceInformation - optional
Includes information to be able to send e-invoice to customer.
merchantId string 50 optional
Merchant ID within the AfterPay system, part of the credentials used for AfterPay Netherlands and Belgium. If you were not provided these credentials by your Account Manager, leave empty.
nonce string optional
Unique string provided by AfterPay if the merchant is using Hosted Fields. Contact your Key Account Manager for more details.
order Order - optional
Order object
ourReference string 20 optional
Can be used by selling company if they would like to provide specific reference for purchasing company
parentTransactionReference string 128 optional
A unique reference provided to AfterPay by a third party (merchant or Payment Service Provider). Identifies an entire order.
yourReference string 20 optional
Can be used by purchasing company if they would like to provide internal reference