ipAddress string 39 required: NL, BE
optional: DE, AT, CH, NO, FI, SE, DK optional
Customer’s IP address
acquisitionChannel enum (NotSet, Advertisment, SocialNetwork, Direct, SearchEngine, Other) - optional
Possible values include: 'NotSet', 'Advertisment', 'SocialNetwork', 'Direct', 'SearchEngine', 'Other'. Specify the channel which consumer has used for accessing merchant page.
customerCardClassification string optional
Specifies the level of the loyalty card (e.g Gold member). For DE, AT, CH, this must be an integer from 1 to 5, where 5 is the highest VIP level.
customerCardSince datetime - optional
The date when the loyalty card was issued to the customer
customerClassification string 255 optional
Customer reputation (e.g. VIP client)
customerIndividualScore string optional
The customer's individual risk score provided by the merchant. Accepts a number from -10000 to 10000 (can be encased in quotation marks or not), or a single case-insensitive letter from 'a' to 'z'.
customerSince datetime - optional
Since when customer has been merchant's client
existingCustomer boolean - optional
Is customer an existing customer for merchant
hasCustomerCard boolean - optional
Shows if customer has loyalty card
marketingOptIn boolean - optional
Shows if merchant is allowed to send marketing information to customer
numberOfTransactions number - optional
Total number of successful purchases that have been made by the specific consumer
profileTrackingId string 50 optional
Unique Id of the device for profile tracking
userAgent string 4096 optional
UserAgent of this specific consumer
verifiedCustomerIdentification boolean - optional
Is identification verified