Checkout customer. Can be remitter or receiver of the order.

customerCategory enum (Company, Person) - required
Possible values include: 'Company', 'Person'. Customer category.
birthDate datetime - required: NL, DK, BE, AT, CH
optional: DE, NO, FI, SE
Date of birth. Format is 'YYYY-MM-DD'. Not required if customerCategory is 'Company'.
email string 255 required: DE, AT, CH, BE, NL, SE, FI
optional: NO, DK
identificationNumber string 20 required: FI, SE, NO, DK
optional: DE, AT, CH, BE, NL
National ID number (if the customer is a physical person). Registration number (if the customer is a company).
riskData CustomerRisk - required: NL, BE
optional: DE, AT, CH, NO, FI, SE, DK
Risk related data. Merchants can do external risk checks and provide that information to AfterPay.
salutation enum (Mr, Mrs, Miss) - required: NL, BE
optional: DE, AT, CH, NO, FI, SE, DK
Possible values include: 'Mr', 'Mrs', 'Miss'. Salutation.
address Address - optional
companyName string 50 optional
Company name
conversationLanguage enum (NO, SV, SE, FI, DA, DK, EN, DE, NL, FR) - optional
Possible values include: 'NO', 'SV', 'SE', 'FI', 'DA', 'DK', 'EN', 'DE', 'NL', 'FR'. Conversation language. 'SE' and 'DK' are obsolete values, and will be removed in the future. Use 'SV' instead of 'SE', and 'DA' instead of 'DK'.
customerNumber string 100 optional
Customer unique number
firstName string 50 optional
First name
lastName string 50 optional
Last name
mobilePhone string 20 optional
Mobile phone
phone string 20 optional