Apply for customer account credit request

accountLimit number - required
Account limit
conversationLanguage enum (NO, SV, SE, FI, DA, DK, EN, DE, NL, FR) - required
Possible values include: 'NO', 'SV', 'SE', 'FI', 'DA', 'DK', 'EN', 'DE', 'NL', 'FR'. Conversation language. 'SE' and 'DK' are obsolete values, and will be removed in the future. Use 'SV' instead of 'SE', and 'DA' instead of 'DK'.
countryCode enum (NO, SE, FI, DK, DE, AT, CH, NL, BE) - required
Possible values include: 'NO', 'SE', 'FI', 'DK', 'DE', 'AT', 'CH', 'NL', 'BE'. Country code.
customer Customer - required
Customer linked with this account
firstNoticeDate datetime - optional
First notice date