Customer account details

accountLimit number - optional
Amount of granted account limit if account has limit assigned to it
accountNumber string optional
Customeraccounts identifier
accountProfile string optional
Identifier of a specific accountProfile
accountStatus enum (Ok, FirstReminder, SecondReminder, UnderCancelation, SentToDebtCollection, ClosedFromDebtCollection) - optional
Possible values include: 'Ok', 'FirstReminder', 'SecondReminder', 'UnderCancelation', 'SentToDebtCollection', 'ClosedFromDebtCollection'. Account status.
balance number - optional
Current ledger balance
bankAccount string optional
Bank account, which is linked to this account
createdAt datetime - optional
Date and time when account was created
customerId string optional
Customer ID, which is linked to this account
isStopped boolean - optional
Indicates whether account is stopped or not
lastNoticeDate datetime - optional
Date of last notice
nextNoticeDate datetime - optional
Date of next notice
ocr string optional
OCR (Optical Character Recognition) number bound to this account