Capture payment authorization. This request is necessary, when the Authorized order must be captured partially. Read more on partial captures here.

orderDetails OrderSummary - required
Order details
campaignNumber number - optional
Invoice campaign number. The merchant may link multiple orders to a campaign they are running.
invoiceNumber string 19 optional
Invoice number. The merchant may want to use internal invoice numbers, or let the AfterPay generate one at random. This will show up in AfterPay's portal. One order may have one or more invoices.
parentTransactionReference string 128 optional
A unique reference provided to AfterPay by a third party (merchant or Payment Service Provider). Identifies an entire order.
references References - optional
References object to provide AfterPay additional information. Only to be used if advised by AfterPay integration manager.
shippingDetails array of ShippingDetails - optional
Shipping information which includes shipping type, company and tracking ID
transactionReference string 100 optional
A unique reference for each transaction (separate for transactions within an order), generated and provided to AfterPay by a third party (merchant or Payment Service Provider). It is used to identify transactions during back-end settlement between Core systems and the PSP.