Order details

totalGrossAmount number - required
Total gross amount of order. Must match the grossUnitPrice * quantity of order items
totalNetAmount number - required
Total net amount of order.
currency enum (EUR, NOK, SEK, DKK, CHF) - optional
Possible values include: 'EUR', 'NOK', 'SEK', 'DKK', 'CHF'. Order currency. If not set it will be taken from client's source system currency setting.
discountAmount number - optional
Discount amount. For statistical purposes only. Can be seen on the invoice
googleAnalyticsClientId string 50 optional
Client ID is the identifier used by Google Analytics to represent a browser instance or device
googleAnalyticsUserId string 50 optional
User ID identifies a user that may interact with content using different browser instances and devices
imageUrl string 2048 optional
Order image URL. Image can be seen on the invoice and next to installments in AfterPay portal. The merchant can provide a working url for a square or rectangled image. Size constraints: 100-1280px
items array of OrderItem - optional
Array of order items
merchantImageUrl string 2048 optional
Order merchant image URL. Image is shown at the top of the order in Afterpay portal.
risk OrderRisk - optional
Risk data