Order details

totalGrossAmount number - required
Total gross amount of order. Must match the grossUnitPrice * quantity of order items
totalNetAmount number - required
Total net amount of order.
currency enum (EUR, NOK, SEK, DKK, CHF) - optional
Possible values include: 'EUR', 'NOK', 'SEK', 'DKK', 'CHF'. Order currency. If not set it will be taken from client's source system currency setting.
googleAnalyticsClientId string 50 optional
Client ID is the identifier used by Google Analytics to represent a browser instance or device
googleAnalyticsUserId string 50 optional
User ID identifies a user that may interact with content using different browser instances and devices
imageUrl string 2048 optional
URL for the image of this product. It will be turned into a thumbnail and displayed in MyAfterPay, on the invoice line next to the order item. The linked image must be a rectangle or square, width between 100 pixels and 1280 pixels.
items array of OrderItem - optional
Array of order items
merchantImageUrl string 2048 optional
Image URL for the merchants brand. This image is shown at the top of the order page in MyAfterPay
risk OrderRisk - optional
Risk data