Returns all or specific voided (cancelled) authorizations of the order.

Resource URL /api/v3/orders/{orderNumber}/voids/{voidNumber}
HTTP method GET
Content type application/json; charset=utf-8

Input parameters

Parameter name Location Type / Model Description
orderNumber Path required
Order number
voidNumber Path optional
Void number


HTTP status code Model Comment
OK(200) GetVoidsResponse
BadRequest (400) array of ResponseMessage Request failed. Check response model for list of Errors.
Unauthorized (401) API user is unauthorized. Make sure X-Auth-Key header is sent.
InternalServerError (500) Request failed due internal error. Retry request later.


  "cancellations": [
      "cancellationNo": "ORDER000001C00",
      "cancellationAmount": 100.00,
      "cancellationItems": []
var AfterPayApi = require("./afterPay.js");
var apiKeyAuthentication = require("./api_key_filter");

var key = 'CHANGE_ME';
var client = new AfterPayApi().addFilter(apiKeyAuthentication.create(key));

client.OrderManagement.getVoid(orderNumber, voidNumber, 
  function(err, response, httpRequest, httpResponse) {
$LOAD_PATH.unshift File.dirname(__FILE__)
require 'after_pay.rb'
require 'json'

client ='YOUR_API_KEY'))

client.orderManagement.getVoid_async(orderNumber, voidNumber).then{|response|

var key = "CHANGE_ME";
var client = new OrderManagementApi(new Configuration() { DefaultHeader = new Dictionary<string, string>() { { "X-Auth-Key", key} } });

var responce = client.OrderManagementGetVoid(orderNumber, voidNumber);