Required when partially refunding a capture.

captureNumber string 50 required
Capture number to refund. This is the capture number which comes from Capture response. Required for Partial Refund
items array of RefundOrderItem - required
Order items to refund. Required for Partial Refund. Maximum allowed 200 items.
creditNoteNumber string 19 optional
Credit note number. The merchant may want to use internal credit note numbers, or let the AfterPay generate one based on invoice to be credited.
merchantId string 50 optional
Merchant ID within the AfterPay system, part of the credentials used for AfterPay Netherlands and Belgium. If you were not provided these credentials by your Account Manager, leave empty.
parentTransactionReference string 128 optional
A unique reference provided to AfterPay by a third party (merchant or Payment Service Provider). Identifies an entire order.
refundType enum (Refund, Return) - optional
Possible values include: 'Refund', 'Return'. Type of the refund. Please use "Return" for returned items and "Refund" for goodwill refunds.
transactionReference string 100 optional
A unique reference for each transaction (separate for transactions within an order), generated and provided to AfterPay by a third party (merchant or Payment Service Provider). It is used to identify transactions during back-end settlement between Core systems and the PSP.