Refund full order request

description string required
Product name. For example "Black music player 64GB". Everything over 255 characters will be truncated
grossUnitPrice number - required
Gross price per item
netUnitPrice number - required
Net unit price
productId string 100 required
Merchant Product identification number
quantity number - required
Quantity. Use of integer is strongly proposed. If you want to use decimal, please contact your integration manager.
vatAmount number - required
Tax amount per item
vatPercent number - required
Tax percent
additionalInformation string 4096 optional
Extended description of the order item.
googleProductCategory string 255 optional
Indicates the category of the item based on the Google product taxonomy. Categorizing the product helps ensure that the ad is shown with the right search results
googleProductCategoryId number - optional
Google product category ID
groupId string 50 optional
Item group ID. The group this item belongs to. Provided by the merchant
imageUrl string 2048 optional
URL for the image of this product. It will be turned into a thumbnail and displayed in MyAfterPay, on the invoice line next to the order item. The linked image must be a rectangle or square, width between 100 pixels and 1280 pixels.
lineNumber number - optional
Line number. The merchant may add a line number to each order item, to sort them in a particular order
marketPlaceSellerId string 32 optional
ID of an individual seller on a marketplace
merchantProductType string 255 optional
Categorization used by Merchant as a complement to Google Taxonomy
parentTransactionReference string 128 optional
A unique reference provided to AfterPay by a third party (merchant or Payment Service Provider). Identifies an entire order.
productUrl string 2048 optional
URL to the product
refundType enum (Refund, Return) - optional
Possible values include: 'Refund', 'Return'. Type of the refund. Please use "Return" for returned items and "Refund" for goodwill refunds.
type enum (PhysicalArticle, DigitalArticle, GiftCard, Discount, ShippingFee, Surcharge, Info) - optional
Possible values include: 'PhysicalArticle', 'DigitalArticle', 'GiftCard', 'Discount', 'ShippingFee', 'Surcharge', 'Info'. Order item type.
unitCode string 50 optional
Unit code (for example pieces, liters, kilograms, etc.)
vatCategory enum (HighCategory, LowCategory, NullCategory, NoCategory, MiddleCategory, OtherCategory) - optional
Possible values include: 'HighCategory', 'LowCategory', 'NullCategory', 'NoCategory', 'MiddleCategory', 'OtherCategory'. VAT category.