ipAddress string 39 required: NL, BE
optional: DE, AT, CH, NO, FI, SE, DK
Customer’s IP address
acquisitionChannel enum (NotSet, Advertisment, SocialNetwork, Direct, SearchEngine, Other) - optional
Possible values include: 'NotSet', 'Advertisment', 'SocialNetwork', 'Direct', 'SearchEngine', 'Other'. Specify the channel which consumer has used for accessing merchant page.
customerCardClassification string 100 optional
Specifies the level of the loyalty card (e.g Gold member)
customerCardSince datetime - optional
The date when the loyalty card was issued to the customer
customerClassification string 255 optional
Customer reputation (e.g. VIP client)
customerIndividualScore number - optional
Individual score provided by the merchant
customerSince datetime - optional
Since when customer has been merchant's client
existingCustomer boolean - optional
Is customer an existing customer for merchant
hasCustomerCard boolean - optional
Shows if customer has loyalty card
marketingOptIn boolean - optional
Shows if merchant is allowed to send marketing information to customer
numberOfTransactions number - optional
Total number of successful purchases that have been made by the specific consumer
profileTrackingId string 50 optional
Unique Id of the device for profile tracking
verifiedCustomerIdentification boolean - optional
Is identification verified