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Logos and banners

For convenience and a familiar customer experience, please integrate/enclose the AfterPay logo in your Checkout next to the payment method. Please refer to our Merchant Playbook for full details on how to make the customer experience smooth and frictionless.

When Implementing the AfterPay logo throughout the shopping experience please ensure you are using our URL, not by downloading the image. The AfterPay logos are hosted on a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to ensure the best performance and availability for your website. Furthermore, you do not have to care about changes, which are all done by AfterPay.

We provide two types of logos through our CDN - .svg and .png. We recommend using the AfterPay logo as a .svg file with regard to the quality and size of the file. If you prefer .png just change the end of the URL to .png. We also offer the AfterPay logo in different color schemes. Depending on your individual website background, choose the AfterPay logo that fits best.

DescriptionCopy URLLogo
AfterPay Checkout Logo in SVG, 4.3Kbhttps://cdn.myafterpay.com/logo/AfterPay_logo_checkout.svgAfterPay Checkout Logo in SVG, 4.3Kb
AfterPay Black Logo in SVG, 5.44Kbhttps://cdn.myafterpay.com/logo/AfterPay_logo_black.svgAfterPay Black Logo in SVG, 5.44Kb
AfterPay White Logo in SVG, 5.61Kbhttps://cdn.myafterpay.com/logo/AfterPay_logo_white.svgAfterPay White Logo in SVG, 5.61Kb