In order to get started with your integration, read up on our latest version of our Technical White Paper:

Technical White Paper – Version 2.0

We also are happy to provide you with a best practice guide on how to display AfterPay payment options and drive higher conversion:

Display Guideline – Version 2.0

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1. AfterPay Information Text

2. Display of AfterPay in Check-Out

The AfterPay payment method should be displayed, along with the logo in the Check-out using the following format (*In some pre-configured shop systems or modules you’re unable to change to appearance)

3. Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

Before AfterPay can accept any payment request the consumer should accept the AfterPay payment terms.
  • A hyperlink to the AfterPay payment terms needs to be added to the check-out
The following text is added with a checkbox for approval:

4. Data protection notice

AfterPay reviews and evaluates the data provided and in case of legitimate interest performs a data exchange with other companies and credit rating agencies.

5. AfterPay Order Confirmation

When possible the merchant should inform the consumer that payment handling is done by AfterPay. The consumer will receive the actual invoice directly from AfterPay. The following text can be used.