Additional Services

Customer Lookup

AfterPay provides several localized look-up services to fetch the shoppers address. Look-up services minimize the amount of data that shoppers need to enter. The following information is needed to perform look-up services:

Country Information required for lookup
Sweden SSN
Norway Mobile number, postal code
Finland SNN, postal code

If the shoppers data is found, the shoppers personal details along with the available payment methods will be returned. If the shoppers data is not found, or if the customer look-up service is not being used, the shopper will be asked to enter all required information. Please refer to the CheckoutCustomer in AfterPay API documentation to see what information needs to be provided in this case.

Note: Customer look-up is available for private persons (B2C customers) only. It is not possible to look up B2B customers (companies) with this function.

Address Correction

Check of the delivered customer addresses as well as a phonetic and associative identification of duplicates. Additionally, checks of client specific negative or positive lists can be processed. Usually, the AddressCheck is used for the pure verification of the address data e.g. for registration processes. Please refer to ValidateAddress in AfterPay API documentation to get more information.