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1. Remittance file

Contents of the remittance file is of booked transactions in the clearing account. The file is country specific.

1.1 File updates

When Arvato adds new transaction to the ledger, a discrepancy might occur if the client decide to reconciliate the transactions after the remittance file. Arvato recommend that the reconciliation is done according Arvato’s manual.

1.2 File example

An example of the remittance file can be downloaded here.

1.3 Fixed file formatting

The file is generated with a fixed column length, the fixed post indicates the transaction type.

Column Column description Info
Col 01-06 Record type Transaction type
Col 07-14 Date of file generation Date of which file is generated
Col 15-34 Action Amount (Amount bought/rebought by Arvato) Transaction amount
Col 35-74 OCR-Row Invoice (Customer no+Invoiceno/Creditnote) Invoice OCR number
Col 75-94 Invoice Amount (Original amount) Invoice amount
Col 95-114 Invoice no Invoice number
Col 115-134 Customer no Customer number
Col 135-154 Client customer number at Arvato Client organization number
Col 155-160 Accounting year/month Accounting year/month
Col 161-180 CreditInvoice No Credit invoice number
Col 181-217 Order No Order number

1.4 Transaction type


Bought Invoice


Rebought Invoice


Finance costs


Credit costs


Administration costs