The New API


The newly structured, leaner API allows you to integrate much faster . This API will allow you to connect to our pay-after-delivery services on a pan European scale.


The Available Payment Methods checkout service allows you to pre-assess the payment methods and only show the payment methods the consumer is allowed to use within the API itself.


Communicating your brand visually with every order by adding product (via imageUrl) and brand images both inside the customer portal and on invoices builds loyalty and recognition. The better your product is represented the fewer questions your customers will have.


New risk elements for new verticals such as Travel ensure that also merchants in this field can use this exquisite payment method to a full extend.


With the integration through Google Analytics AfterPay is the first payment-after-delivery service to integrate data in Google Analytics. Retailers can see refund data and calculate net income per customer group, for example, and create marketing campaigns based on payment patterns.


Integration through Google Shopping Structured data and specifically product feeds enable new and better ways of exposing your products and services. Customers can easily search, find and buy products using Google Shopping if they are tagged with a Google product category.