Privacy Policy

Data protection on the website of Arvato Holding AB

Arvato Holding AB welcomes your visit to our website and your interest in our company and range of services. Protection of personal data is important to us. All the web-based activities of Arvato Holding AB occur in accordance with applicable legal provisions on the protection of personal data and data security. This data protection information notifies you about how Arvato Holding AB handles information collected during your visit to the website of Arvato Holding AB.

Collection and processing of personal data

The website of Arvato Holding AB can generally be used without providing personal data. Personal data refers to all information that identifies you, such as your name, your email address, or your mailing address. Such data is stored only if you provide it to Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA, for example, when ordering information or subscribing to the newsletter.

Arvato Holding AB ensures all data to be stored safely and takes all precautions on security to prevent unauthorized access to information. We would like to emphasize that you shouldn’t share your personal information with 3rd parties for your information security.

Use and transmission of personal data

Except in the cases described here, Arvato Holding AB will use your personal data exclusively for the purpose of technical administration of the website, to give you access to special information and to provide you our products and services and for general communication with you. Except in the cases described here, Arvato Holding AB will not transmit your personal data to third parties or use it elsewhere.

Personal information will never be shared with third parties except for cases such as court ruling in accordance with legislative harmonization, legal exceptions, exceptions mentioned in this Privacy Policy and personal approval for information sharing. In cases of forgery/fraud, investigation, or information security breach, Arvato Holding AB reserves the right to partner with legal authorities and reveal all kinds of information (including personal) when requested by judicial authorities.

The employees of Arvato Holding AB are obliged to maintain confidentiality.